What is the sign of love from your partner?

Rike and Yorck

  Rike: “When Yorck started caring for my cat Pauline and looked after her while I was on a business trip.” Yorck: “When Rike and I were baking Xmas biscuits together.”

Natalia and Paul

Paul: when she was always missing the last bus  to go back home, so she would sleep at my place Natalia:  While saying goodbye, I saw him crying for the first time in my life. He was my best friend at that time.

Sorana and Mihai

Sorana: because he gave me time Mihai: as she constantly challenges me

Ilinka and Basti

Basti: It was the way she looked at me, in the first morning we woke up together Ilinka: The way he sits with a crooked smile watching me as I run around the house every time before I have to head out the door looking for my cellphone, and keys, and lighter, and so on… […]

Daniela and Dennis

Daniela: in the beginning of our relationship, I told Denis I don’t like the declarations of love so quite scared he told me at one point “I think I am starting to love you” Dennis: I am always losing my things around the house, forget where I put them. She is always searching them for […]

Bia and Dimi

  Bia – when I found the most beautiful love letter ever, that he wrote for me and never send it…I found it by chance Dimi – since I met her, she always took care of me, never to feel alone

Maria and Florin

  Maria- when Florin sent me a message saying “I lose my head writing you a message, like a girl before marriage” Florin – when I have seen that she comes with me in all my weird trips. We went to Ghana for our honey moon

Madalina and Mihai

Madalina: when I was sick, I had a cold and  he gave me the alcohol rub Mihai: when she asked me first time for my clothes to do laundry  

Carmen and Danish

Danish: it’s the way she looks at me. Carmen: when I was working late, he would wake up at 2 am, as I finished work, to come over at my place so we could go to sleep together.  

Ola and Murus

Ola: this trip to Berlin was a sign

Karina and Roberto

Karina: when he hugs me. Roberto: everything started with the word “guapa”

Kati and Niko

Niko: when she kisses me and hugs me but in the very beginning she didn’t want to give me any sign for almost half a year. Kati: when he stared at me for several minutes.