Latest Signs

Sabrina and Michele

Michele: it was the way she looked at me with her pretty smile

Alina and Aurelian

Alina: when he kisses my forehead or when he lets me wear all his T-shirts.

Ines and Javier

Ines: he fixes a lot of things in the house, which for me are important. Javier: she cooked great cakes for me.

Karim and Fabienne

Karim: When she is laughing Fabienne:  when he looks at me, the look in his eyes  

Sheila and Ross

Sheila: When he asked me to dance with him.

Katya and Junnar

Junnar: In bad situations she is standing besides me. Katya: When he makes me laugh.

Anitra and Martyn

Anitra: we are friends for a long time and it’s very complicated but I guess I realized that he loves me when I have lived in the USA, he said after a while that he misses me.

Tina and Eric

Tina: when Eric cooked great dinners for me  

Josine and Ben

Josine: when he was smiling at me. Ben: when she prepared me the first meal.  

Thabi and Brendan

Thabi: when he cared about me with all my flaws. Brendan: when she danced with me on New Year’s Eve.

Tabea and Tommy

Tabea: when He followed me in the U-Bahn.  

Nadin and Junior

Junior: when she just told me I look nice.