Signs of Love in Berlin

Rike and Yorck

  Rike: “When Yorck started caring for my cat Pauline and looked after her while I was on a business trip.” Yorck: “When Rike and I were baking Xmas biscuits together.”

Natalia and Paul

Paul: when she was always missing the last bus  to go back home, so she would sleep at my place Natalia:  While saying goodbye, I saw him crying for the first time in my life. He was my best friend at that time.

Ilinka and Basti

Basti: It was the way she looked at me, in the first morning we woke up together Ilinka: The way he sits with a crooked smile watching me as I run around the house every time before I have to head out the door looking for my cellphone, and keys, and lighter, and so on… […]

Madalina and Mihai

Madalina: when I was sick, I had a cold and  he gave me the alcohol rub Mihai: when she asked me first time for my clothes to do laundry  

Tabea and Tommy

Tabea: when He followed me in the U-Bahn.  

Nadin and Junior

Junior: when she just told me I look nice.  

Daniela and Alexander

Daniela: The sign was when we were both students and living in Belgium. He started not to go at home in weekends so often.    

Andreea si Constantin

Andreea: when he moved to Berlin with me, as I started my MA degree here. Constantin: when she hugs me with tender and cooks tasty meals for me.

Suzi and Matteo

Suzi: Arriving in the early hours of the morning on a delayed train from Paris, realizing I’d locked us out of my apartment with the romantic candles still burning inside

Claudia and Carl and little Sam

Carl: when she came to visit me in the hospital after I broke my leg. Claudia: during our first weekend together in Dublin.

Laura and Leonardo

Leonardo: when she came all the way to Brazil to see me. Laura: when he was drunk, he said he would marry me

Will and My

My: when he is driving. Will: when she first wore a red sweater, I love the red color.